As I write on top of my website: Enjoy the Beauty of Nature around you! As now a days we spend more and more time behind a television, computer, I-pad, mobile we sometimes forget to put those screens away and go outside in nature!

I always enjoyed nature and in the beginning mostly by walking, running or biking. Always “captured the moment” in my head, but lately after having bought my fist camera, I also try to capture the moment as an image / picture / photo.
Started in 2019 and learning all the time. “Capturing the moment” in an image / picture / photo is more difficult than I thought, but keep om trying and meanwhile enjoying nature!
Next to that I like to share the pictures I make for others to enjoy the beauty of nature as well.

Below also some quotes I have read on the web that I also like to share:

“Just about every great discovery has come from a keen observation of nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

“We are blessed on this planet with small glimpses of the divine. They are all around us. We do not need to look far to find the beauty. Small miracles are all around us. We simply need to go outside and take a look around at all of the great creation to which we belong.”

“It could be strange to think of flowers as truly living and sentient beings. If you spend a day in the lush fields that live everywhere in the world, you might start to see them as just that. When they sway and dance in the wind and invite the birds and bees, they seem to be offering more than just simple beauty.”

“If you’re looking for a role model, Gandhi is a great one. He sets the bar pretty high to befriend all living things.”

Nature can be our greatest and most rewarding friend. She doesn’t ask for a reciprocating relationship. It feels that Nature is the only true martyr in all creation.”

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